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Sleep Coaching for Children

Michelle S. Donaghy

 Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Gently coaching families, 

from newborns through preschoolers,

 to achieve sweet dreams since 2005

Michelle is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, and together, we can solve your child's sleep problems! 

Is your family affected by any of these sleep issues:

  • Your baby won't sleep (or stay asleep) during the night?

  • Your child won't fall asleep without being nursed or rocked to sleep? 

  • Your toddler wakes before the sun comes up?

  • Your preschooler won't fall asleep without a parent lying down with them?

  • Your baby is waking three or more times throughout the night for feedings?

  • Your toddler won't sleep (or stay) in their own bed?

If any of the above sound familiar, then a professional sleep coach is the right solution for you.  

Parents come to me when they have read all the books, hoping to find the answers, but their situation is too complex or they are too tired to find a way out.  Together we can solve your child's sleep problems.

My approach offers tired parents an alternative to the cry it out methods, are medically and developmentally appropriate and look at all aspects of your child including: scheduling, routines, feeding/eating, and sleeping.


Michelle is located in Orange County, California and provides Sleep Coaching to Southern California, Los Angeles, and Orange County areas. 

For all other areas, telephone or skype are available.



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