Making Sweet Dreams

Sleep Coaching for Children

Michelle S. Donaghy

  Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Gently coaching families, 

from newborns through preschoolers,

 to achieve sweet dreams since 2005

Plum District Deal

With today's offer, we have three wonderful options in how you may use your voucher:

  • For $38, you'll get a 45-minute Mini Consultation (a $75 value).  

    This service includes review of your history form, professional advice, time for questions and answers, sleep education and strategies to ensure your little one get's enough time for sweet dreams.  Prior to our consultation, it is beneficial to have read Kim West’s book: Good Night Sleep Tight (the first 2 chapters and your child’s age-related chapter)** Parents implement strategies without ongoing support. If parents would like support, see full support package below.

  • For $38, you'll get a $75 voucher to use towards the Full Support Package (a 13% discount off the $275 package). 

Full Support Package includes: A 90 minute private sleep consultation at my Sleep Clinic in Fullerton (phone/skype also available).  Everything in the above service, plus a written report with a customized gentle sleep plan and four (4) follow up support coaching calls.  During these approximately 20min calls I will review your sleep logs, provide additional support, answer your questions and discuss any possible changes to the original plan.

  • For $38, you and a friend may attend a Sleep Workshop (a $100 value).  

Michelle offers several age specific sleep workshops for expecting and parents of newborns up to 36 months.  Each workshop is designed so that you will receive the must know in sleep education, age appropriate sleep goals, hear from other parents having the same struggles and receive gentle strategies to assist your child in getting the sleep he/she needs. Click for: class schedule and locations.

If this deal is for you, buy the deal - then email Michelle and let her know how you would like to use your voucher.  She will get you scheduled as soon as possible and put your family on the path toward sweet dreams!


Michelle's gently and loving approach offers tired parents an alternative to the cry it out methods, are medically and developmentally appropriate and look at all aspects of your child including: scheduling, routines, feeding/eating, and sleeping.


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